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Hickory Heart Meadow Organic Farm

Hickory Heart Meadow is an organic regenerative farm operated by Outdoor Nurture, Inc located in Greeley PA.

Hickory Heart Meadow is home to our Nature Lodge and Suncatcher Field, a  fenced and cultivated field dedicated to experiential learning and volunteer education.


Nature Lodge

Suncatcher Field

Nestled in a valley between the town of Greeley and the Lackawaxen River, Hickory Heart Meadow's fields, forests, and riverfront are home to a variety of plant and wildlife species including  (but very much not limited to) porcupines, eastern bluebirds, house wrens, turkey vultures, carpenter bees, hoverflies, lepidoptera, and the ever present white tailed deer. Hickory Heart Meadow Farm gets its name from the massive "mother" hickory tree growing behind our unique 121 year old Nature Lodge. 

Come join us at Hickory Heart!
We welcome volunteers of all skill levels.

Whether it's 30 minutes here or there or a few hours every week, we'd love to have you.

Voluteering at Hickory Heart is truly a unique experience. Volunteers have the opportunity to gain new skills through hands on experience, mentoring, and free or discounted workshops. All while helping us further our mission of building healthy community and growing, together.

Join the Hickory Heart Family!

Thanks! We'll get back to you shortly!

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