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Empowering Communities,
Connecting with Nature

Nurturing Nature and Communities


Our mission is to provide immersive nature education and to support the development of small organic regenerative farms & gardens. Our goal is to nurture people, plants, & the planet.

We offer volunteer and employment opportunities that involve but are not limited to cultivating vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We farm using organic, biodynamic, and permaculture methods to enliven and support soil, animals, and people. We aim to provide preserved open space as a backdrop that supports a health and eco-conscious community. 


Hickory Heart Meadow

Outdoor Nurture's office is home to a river front, a dense forest, a stream, and a clearing that we call Hickory Heart Meadow.  Sitting on 12 acres, Hickory Heart Meadow used to be a working farm in the early 1900's and serves as our first project. The forested area includes mountainous terrain, healthy wildlife, and a diverse network of plant, fungi and trees. The Lackawaxen River, a tributary to the Delaware River, runs along our perimeter. It is a trusted habitat for many precious species, such as the American Bald Eagle.

Flower Harvest

What's happening now?

We are building our team and finding our farming groove for 2024! Our phenomenal team has added fences, built beds, and finished harvesting for 2023.

Currently, we are developing the educational farm and working on some exciting creative projects -- stay tuned for more soon!

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